Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Unexpected Bonus

The lady who lives in the ground floor flat is reknowed throughout the neighbourhood for being a noisy loud-mouthed interfering busybody. Older readers may recall that she was turned down for employment  as a foghorn by the Port Authority on the grounds that her voice is too loud and might thus actually be a danger to shipping. That doesn't mean to say she's a bad person as she and her dog are effective deterrents against intruders and a useful conduit for information. Moreover, she is exemplary in her approach to housekeeping. 
She has customarily been visited every day by her aging mother, arriving in the morning and departing mid-afternoon. Sadly the old dear has developed an unspecified 'problem with her legs' and she can no longer visit. But, as the Duke of Edinburgh is wont to say,"'It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good". The consequence of the old dear's immobility is that the lady downstairs now goes to visit mother every day and, in her absence, it is relatively quiet round here. No shouting, no dog barking etc etc., for the first half of the day at least. Bliss.

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