Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Xorg 4 v. Cockroaches Utd 0

There has been a small blunder by the electrician when wiring the kitchen. He has brought the cable for the sockets through the wall behind the larder cabinet. This has resulted in there being a hole about 1 cm in diameter being made in the larder cabinet which accommodates the conduit for the cable but which also allows cockroaches to gain entry to the cabinet. El Presidente has consequently been spooked a couple of times when taking out comestibles of one sort or another only to find a cockroach lurking there. The bastards have had limited success in contaminating anything as most of it is in sealed containers, but a packet of flour, a packet of rice and a packet of stock cubes have been compromised. They have also been leaving droppings very similar to mouse crap.
In my role as Logistics and Support, therefore, I have been called upon to exterminate the little buggers. Of course, they move about a bit quick when being hunted so the trick is to employ a pincer movement to get them to move in the direction you want them to go and then wallop them. So far, four of the blighters have felt the might of my wrath and cunning. Steps are being taken to bung up the entry point.

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