Wednesday, 17 October 2012

iPad Mini/Microsoft Surface: Xorg Inter-Galactic Beats 'em To It!

Speculation is rife that Apple is about to announce the launch of an iPad mini as a rival to the KIndle and similar tablet devices. Microsoft are also keen to get in on this market and have apparently developed something which we are told is called the Microsoft Surface and will be launched at the same time as the new version of Windows, not surprisingly entitled Windows 8. It remains to be seen whether or not Windows 8 is a worthwhile upgrade or merely messing about for the sake of it and causing unrest.
Be that as it may, Xorg Inter-Galactic is proud to announce today the launch of its new hand-held device that will make the competition wish they hadn't bothered. The Xorg i29 is in stores now!
Comprising a feature-packed snazzamungo design with mind-blowing memory capacity and durability, the Xorg i29 will knock your socks off. Dual sketch-o-matic controls, virtual keyboard, and integral carrying handle and strap, not to mention super-efficient extending aerial.
Available at all good Poundstretchers, dodgy market stalls and their ilk, RRP £7.49.

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