Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Trouble at t'Taverna

It's all gone doolally in The Cradle of Democracy with the electorate daring to vote against the mainstream parties, Pasok and  New Democracy, who agreed the austerity package with Germany and France. It might not be sensible, but it is understandable that the left-wing coalition party Syriza is insisting on abandoning austerity and calling for a moratorium on debt repayments. This will probably lead to tears before bedtime if not the collapse of the Euro or, more likely, Greece being ejected from the Eurozone. As reported by The Guardian, Syriza is offering to form a condition with either of the mainstream parties on the following conditions:
1) The immediate cancellation of all impending measures that will impoverish Greeks further, such as cuts to pensions and salaries.
2) The immediate cancellation of all impending measures that undermine fundamental workers' rights, such as the abolition of collective labour agreements.
3) The immediate abolition of a law granting MPs immunity from prosecution, reform of the electoral law and a general overhaul of the political system.That would include abolishing the 50-seat bonus for the party which wins the most seats.
4) An investigation into Greek banks, and the immediate publication of the audit performed on the Greek banking sector by BlackRock.
5) The setting up of an international auditing committee to investigate the causes of Greece's public deficit, with a moratorium on all debt servicing until the findings of the audit are published.

Good luck with (1) and (2). I have to say I like (3), (4), and (5).

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