Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hole in t'Road

We were awoken this morning by the sound of digging machines, lorries and a pneumatic drill as the Water Board set about renewing connections to the mains for some of the houses up the road. All very entertaining as they made no attempt at first to divert traffic, and they arbitrarily chose to deposit several tons of hardcore on the vacant plot of land next to our house, only narrowly avoiding the parked cars. Eventually they did block the road to traffic, but still allowed pedestrians to wander by regardless of the heavy machinery and trip hazards. Any road up, all done and finished in six hours or so and awaiting re-tarmacking. They don't hang about as the Cypriots are quite keen on avoiding leaks, unlike the utilities companies in the UK. If they get a drought here, it's a proper drought and not one brought about by losing 25% of the supply in the pipe network!

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