Monday, 7 May 2012


It has been the policy here at Xorg Inter-Galactic for some time now that we do not eat at McDonald's so-called restaurants, unless as a last resort. Let's face it, the 'food' is rubbish and less than satisfying.
But yesterday evening I felt the need for a cup of coffee and rather than pay Starbuck's exorbitant prices for a mediocre product, or those being charged by the other refreshment emporiums on the seafront, I ventured into McDonald's. They will sell you a cup of Douwe Egbert's bog standard filter coffee for €1, so why not?
The coffee itself was OK. But the retail experience reminded me of another reason why one stays out of Ronald's domain. It was absolute bloody bedlam in there. And mayhem, to boot, moreover besides. It's a mystery to me that society has allowed itself to accept this as normal behaviour.

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