Saturday, 5 November 2011

First, The Bad News...

Major disappointment on the plumbing front.
The first floor apartment of Hajistilly Towers was built in 1985 and, at that time, galvanised steel pipes were used in Cyprus for all your plumbing needs - cheaper than copper, and plastic was only just taking over as the medium of choice. The snag with galvanised pipes is, of course, that they corrode and this is what we are now faced with. A tell-tale leak has appeared behind the sink in the auxiliary ablutions area which is causing the tiles to fall away. Only a very slow leak at present, but it's going to get worse. So we've had a friendly plumber round to give it the once-over and he advises that the whole lot will have to be replaced.
This will involve a complete refurbishment of the bathroom as well as the offending auxiliary facility because the pipes are embedded in the concrete behind the tiles, a major project costing thousands and thousands. Unfortunately, the current financial situation here in our overseas dominions is such that we are broke so for the time being it's a case of turning off the water and hoping for the best. Maybe Angela Merkel will lend us the money to get it fixed.

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