Saturday, 5 November 2011

Sausage-Eaters at Three O'Clock!

The UK and the Commonwealth all agreed last week to end the rule of primogeniture through which the role of Monarch could be inherited only by males. David Cameron trumpeted this as a progressive breakthrough but it all seems a bit irrelevant these days. Be that as it may, some clever chaps at The Guardian have worked out that, had primogeniture not been in force following Queen Victoria's death, then Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany would have been King of the UK at the start of World War I. This might have given rise to a few diplomatic issue and no mistake.
Moreover, Elizabeth II would not have become Queen; instead it would have been Princess Marie Cecile of Prussia.  This means that, as the ban on Catholics is also to go, the heir to the throne would consequently be her son His Highness Duke Paul-Wladimir Nikolaus Louis-Ferdinand Peter Max Karl-Emich of Oldenburg, and Prince William would have to make way for Duke Kirill Friedrich-August Jaime Cristobal Hermann Antonius Vincenz Josef Maria of Oldenburg.
So Angela Merkel would be on our side!

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