Friday, 4 November 2011

Give and Take Δήμος Λάρνακα Style

When we got planning permission from t'council to build the penthouse suite, they required us to pay a 200 Euro deposit against damage to the highway etc whilst building took place, the deposit to be refunded when the 'Building Completion Certificate' was issued. Older readers may recall the messing about that has been required to get the completion certificate, but is has at last been issued - although we have had to pay a 100 Euro administration fee to secure it. El Prez duly went to the refunds department to get back the 200 Euro deposit although this was delayed by a couple of days while we waited for the Mayor to authorise it. However, we are now advised that 67 Euros have been deducted from the deposit on account of us having had the use of the highway and related facilities meanwhile. So we've paid 167 Euros to get 200 Euros back. Well, at least we're 33 Euros in the black overall!
It feels good to know that we are doing our bit to ensure that The Powers That Be remain properly funded.

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