Saturday, 4 December 2010


There's an interesting report in The Independent explaining how and why England's bid for the 2018 World Cup was rejected in such a humiliating fashion. First, Sepp Blatter stuck the knife in and secondly, a number of Executive members went back on their promises to vote for England. The guilty men are:
Chung Moon Joon (South Korea), Marios Lefkaritis (Cyprus), Jacques Anouma (Ivory Coast), Jack Warner (Trinidad), Chuck Blazer (USA), Senes Erzik (Turkey), and Rafael Salguero (Guatemala).
So with the two votes England did get (from England and Cameroon) that should have been nine votes which would have brought England into the second round of voting. What we don't know is who the treacherous voters did actually vote for but I suspect it was Russia. We can also speculate on whether the Russian fix went in before or after the presentations i.e.  were the bastards lying all along. No doubt David Cameron is used to being lied to, and David Beckham has been around the block a couple of times so he won't be surprised. But I think this will have been an education for Prince William.

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