Tuesday, 7 December 2010

They're Out To Get You

The Powers That Be are certainly upset with yer man Julian Assange of Wikileaks:
  • A trumped up set of sexual assault charges;
  • A concerted hacking attack on the Wikileaks website;
  • One ISP after another drops Wikileaks;
  • PayPal and a Swiss bank freeze Assange's and Wikileaks' accounts;
  • The Magistrates in London refuse bail.
What if he'd done something really serious, like bring the international banking system to the brink of collapse or start a war in Iraq for no good reason? I expect he'd really be in trouble then!
Of course the irony is that Wikileaks haven't told us anything we either didn't know already or had at least suspected was going on. And 3 million people already had access to the information anyway so it wouldn't have been difficult for an 'enemy' to get hold of it, if they hadn't already. Maybe The Powers That Be, whether it's the USA National Security Agency, MI6 or whoever, could be better employed spending taxpayers time and money elsewhere?

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