Saturday, 4 December 2010

I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine

When it comes to epic productions there never was anyone better than Phil Spector, the Master of Darkness. But he also had a gift for writing and arranging. This song was co-written by The Dark Lord with Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry and it perfectly conjures up the heartbreak, self-pity and depression brought on by the collapse of a teenage romance. Listen closely; there's about seven blokes playing drums, at least two basses, a couple of pianos in another room, an orchestra hyped up, half a dozen backing vocals, and it's all bounced down on to two tracks. The tune in the chorus is a killer and as for the lyrics, I rest my case:
Ooooh baby,
Ooooh baby,
I wish I never saw the sunshine,
I wish I never saw the sunshine,
An' if I never saw the sunshine baby,
Then maybe I wouldn't mind the rain.
Ooooh this pain,

And I know there would not be,
This cloud that's over me,
Everywhere I go.
The bit that gets me is about 45 seconds in, just before the first chorus when Ronnie Spector sings "Oooooh baby..." Gulp! And then the coda at the end..

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