Tuesday, 2 November 2010

What's the Greek for Health & Safety?

We have engaged the further services of Mr Panikos (see below) to put right some more of the mishmash of mess left by Mister Marinos the Mong. He's currently working on repairing the wall which adjoins the next door property of Mr Petros. This involves re-cementing, some plastering and painting (Note: there should have been three coats of paint on the exterior wall but Marinos has only applied one).
Any road up, Mr Panikos arrived with scaffolding purloined or retrieved from somewhere but, of course, he needed assistance to erect this for which task I was nominated. My role consisted of passing metal poles and wooden planks up to Mr Panikos, and finding bits of string and wire for him to fix it all together. We got there in the end despite my shortage of Greek and his minimal English, and the total lack of helmets and safety boots or a spanner. As you can see from the picture, the string is holding up well and is attached to next-door's fire escape for added stability. The cross-pieces on the scaffolding are secured from copper wire I stripped from some leftover mains cable. A masterpiece of engineering.

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