Monday, 1 November 2010


Wednesday 27th October 2010. The Royal Albert Hall.

Drums - Narada Michael Walden
Bass - Rhonda Smith
Keys - Jason Rebello
Guitar - Jeff "guitar god" Beck
Guest violin - Sharon Corr
Guest vocals - Imelda May
AND the British Philharmonic Orchestra

It was a bit good. Blooming amazing. Fantastic. Jolly spiffing. Tear jerkingly brilliant. Goose bump making.

Can't remember all the songs... but some of them were these:

People get ready
Mna Na Eireann (Sharon Corr doing violin)
Rollin' and tumblin' (with Rhonda Smith doing vocals)
Corpus Christie Carol
Angel Footsteps
Lilac Wine
Day In the Life (flippin awesome with the orchestra doing really awesome loud bit in the middle)
How High the Moon (Imelda May doing some SWEET vocals and Mr Jeff on his Les Paul)
Nessun Dorma (there were tears)

And then after all the clapping Mr Jeff came out again and did the National Anthem with the last bit sounding like the beginning of Wind Cries Mary. Crowd went MENTAL. Loved it.

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