Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Internazionale Who?

Gareth Bale enhanced his credentials for The Papacy, if not immediate sainthood, against Internazionale yesterday evening. The usual requirement for canonisation is to perform two authenticated miracles after death but Mr Bale seems able to do this whilst still alive - he demolished Internazionale's defence, making their famous Brazilian defenders Lucio and Maicon look like clodhoppers. Beat that, Cardinal Fancypants Newman! Moreover, it was quite satisfying to see Rafael Benitez, Internazionale's manager, completely outwitted tactically by His Worship Harry Redknapp. Every Spurs player was brilliant - and sensible - so Harry's getting through to them. (Gormless Gomez remains a challenge, however. It's just as well he was suspended for this match.)

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