Sunday, 14 November 2010

Grayson Perry

T'other day, I tagged along on an art department trip to a seminar called The Creative Process. We heard from a calligrapher, a grapher designer Martin Parr photographer and Grayson Perry the potter.

He is a bit of a fruit cake. And surprisingly is married to a psychotherapist. He also has a bit of an unhealthy relationship with his teddy bear, Alan Measles. (Perry recently designed a brightly coloured motorcycle for Alan, a kind of popemobile, for his tour to Germany).

He makes his coil pots and copies pictures out of books on to them. Well a few. The pot is his blank canvas. Some of them are quite comical. For example, people think pots are boring and all the same, so what he did was to make a very simple pot, plain design, but for the person that actually gets close to it and examines it it says "@!?* off". Few people examine it so closely.

"Creativity is mistakes"
"Everybody likes gold. It's a bit of bling"
"Vote Alan Measles for god"
"Art is good for people with mental illnesses"

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