Sunday, 14 November 2010


He is a bit good. Shows what one can do with one A level.

Parr is obsessed with what people are obsessed with.
The main topic of conversation in England is the weather, as a nation we are obsessed with the weather. So he made a Photo Book called Bad Weather, series of images of Britain looking dull but rather interesting.

People are obsessed with political leaders. So he has spent many years collecting Margaret Thatcher memorabilia (he hates her by the way). He also collects watches with Saddam Hussein's face on them (he doesn't like him too much either).

Anywho... Mr Parr is an amazing photographer. None of his images are staged. He capture everything as he sees it and doesn't do alot of post processing. He manages to take photographs of people without them realising it, a very clever man.


  1. Collecting Thatcher memorabilia? And I thought Grayson Perry was weird!

  2. Yes well... he id not her biggest fan and so can not see why people would create busts, plates etc with Thatcher's image on them, so he collects them. Same goes for Saddam.

  3. Yeah, I understand the post-modern deconstructionist statement he's making but if you buy this stuff you just encourage people to make it, thereby negating your oppositional motive. Now, if he were to load all this stuff into a truck and dump it on Thatcher's front lawn...