Sunday, 14 November 2010

Salamis Bay

Described by Herodotus and Isocrates, founded by the son of Telemon fleeing from Troy. The scene of a sea battle between Greeks and Persians and ruled by Evagoras until conquered by Artaxerxes III. Later ruled by Menalaus, brother of Ptolemy; with another sea battle, between Ptolemy and Demetrius of Macedon. The Romans relocated the capital to Paphos but Trajan and Hadrian nevertheless built some fab buildings there. The Apostle Paul landed in Salamis and his protege Barnabas was eventually stoned to death there. Several earthquakes followed three centuries later, with renewal by Constantius II until eventually the harbour silted up.  The Romans being long-gone, Salamis was abandoned during the Arab invasions of the 7th century.
And now, after all that, just off the shoreline we see a Fat Floating Xorg approaching. Dundundundun....

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