Sunday, 2 May 2010


We here at The Xorg Collective are up to date with all the latest whizz-bang technology so, despite being in the far flung corners of The Empire I was able to watch the Spurs match against Bolton Ditherers via the interweb tubes. I signed up to LTV online who charge €3.45 per match for live streaming. The picture is not exactly high-definition as I've only got a 1 MB service, but it was just about good enough to see what was going on - certainly when Tom Huddlestone fired in his Exocet goal. The commentary is in Greek but, to be honest, that doesn't make much difference compared to the drivel you get from the likes of Alan Parry, Jim Beglin and colleagues back in Old Blighty (The Blessed John Motson apart, of course.) The Greek pronounciation of the name 'Huddlestone' is something to be treasured, however.
We were hoping that Man City and Villa would meanwhile draw nil nil, but there you go. City have some darn good attacking forwards. Nevertheless, Spurs remain a point ahead of Man City so if they can beat City on wednesday that'll be it and Spurs finish fourth; likewise if it's a draw assuming Spurs beat Burnley next week. But if Spurs lose to City, then they have to win against Burnley next weekend and hope that Man City lose to West Ham. But if Spurs draw with City and lose to Burnley while City beat west Ham, then its down to goal difference - City are currently two goals ahead so it would be Good Night, Vienna. Meanwhile, if Liverpool beat Chelsea today and Hull next week by loads of goals while Spurs and City draw and lose to Burnley and West Ham respectively, then Liverpool finish fourth and Rafa Benitez will be a strong candidate to be the next Pope. Not that anyone is interested in Man Utd, but Liverpool would also thereby help them win the League, assuming they can beat Sunderland and Stoke, even if Chelsea defeat Wigan. I hope that's clarified things for you.

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