Sunday, 2 May 2010

May Day, May Day!

Whilst the May Day celebrations in Greece turned to violent protests with petrol bombs and stone-throwing youths, the workers of Larnaca got on with things in their usual shambolic and easy going manner. Parades of marching bands, red flags, Che Guevara t-shirts and speeches under the banner of the Pancyprian Workers Organisation.  They brought their families and the kiddies joined in the flag waving. The police took a passive interest, confining their duties to managing the traffic. The chappie leaving the stage in this picture is t'Union Chairman/President/Supreme Leader, and he's just delivered a rousing speech all about how t'Unions have made life better for yer average pleb and his mates in the proletariat - which is fair enough, and reasonably accurate. The slogan on the banner translates (more or less) as "We continue the struggle for a just solution and a just society." Can't argue with that!
One of the workers then delivered a disjointed poem all about the struggle, and the musical ensemble sang some jolly songs about freedom and emancipation. The bloke on the sound desk needs some remedial training, though.

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