Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Works Outings

The Entertainments Committee would like to apologise for the death of the ex-President of Cyprus, Glafcos Clerides. Whilst not unexpected, the poor timing of his demise led to the cancellation of two planned excursions. Old Glefcos curled his toes up at 6pm on Friday and this prompted The Powers That Be to close all Government Offices and cancel all public engagements for two days. Consequently the demonstration on Sunday by the Rithmos Dance Association of 'Dances from Around the World' got the kybosh, much to the disappointment of the Xorg Inter-Galactic Terpsichoral Society. To make matters worse, the performance that evening by The Old Company Choir of the Union of Cypriot Pensioners (featuring a tribute to Mikis Theodorakis) also got the chop, much to chagrin of the Old Codgers' Sub-Group. But that is the way of things; our lives hang by threads such as these. 

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