Saturday, 23 November 2013

Economic Intervention

We continue to do our bit to inject some life into the Cyprus economy, providing further employment to our good friend Mixalaki the plumber. The auxiliary water tank which was installed some years ago when Cyprus was in the grip of a drought developed a leak because of a faulty valve. Mixalaki duly fixed the valve but on consideration, and taking account of the fact that the water in the auxiliary tank tended to get a bit pongy as it wasn't being used, it was decided to isolate it altogether. This meant having to empty it of 30 metric tonnes of water and at this point we discovered that the drains were blocked again, so Mixalaki had to sort that out first. Any road up it all got done eventually and we now have an empty isolated tank sitting there. Mixalaki advises that when he finds a use for it, he'll take it away but there being little building work going on this might not happen just yet. Any road up, our next visit will involve a considerable amount of reinstatement investment. (Picture shows Mixalaki engaged in negotiations with EL Presidente, whilst Old Foghorn from downstairs faffs about).

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