Wednesday, 13 November 2013

David Cameron: Evil or Stupid?

Maybe it's simple ignorance resulting from his sheltered upbringing and cossetted existence. When you've inherited £30 million from your father and your wife is set to collect another £25 million when her Baronet daddy pops his clogs, you might understandably have an insular view of life and fail to grasp what's going on around you.
Here he is, speaking at The Lord Mayor's banquet at a gilded lectern, dressed in white tie and tails echoing his Bullingdon Club attire, telling us that we must expect austerity measures to continue for years to come. Just a tad insensitive there, Dave. He mangled a metaphor about 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' hoping to illustrate that you can't use taxpayers' money to improve living standards. The idea, Dave, is that you collect higher taxes from those with loadsamoney and redistribute it to those with hardly enough to live on, not that you take it from those without enough money to live on and give it to those without enough money to live on. Democratic societies generally use a progressive income tax system to facilitate a redistribution of wealth, Dave, so bung the top rate of tax up to 60% and save us all a lot of grief.
Mr Cameron also babbled on about teaching capitalism, and promoting business and enterprise in schools. He seems not to have noticed that capitalism failed in 2008 when the relentless and unregulated pursuit of profit caused the financial system to collapse, and that it was State intervention - which he would call a socialist measure - was needed to rescue it. If Governments had stuck to capitalist 'principles' the banks would have been left to fail,  not nationalised and propped up with 'Quantitative Easing'. And this from a chap who, apparently, has a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Perhaps that results from the practice, initiated and promoted by a Conservative Government, of teaching to the exam rather than actually learning anything.
Bugger off, Dave.

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