Friday, 15 November 2013


Some books wot I been reading, like recently.
Eminent Victorians - Lytton Strachey
Strachey exposes the hypocrisy, obtuse attitudes and prejudices of key figures (and contextual events) of the Victorian era who had hitherto been considered role models. Feet of clay irreverently exposed.
P G Wodehouse - Damsel in Distress
A farcical pastiche of Shakespearean plotting involving false identities, buffoons, dithering idiots, and smart women. Plus silly names.
J D Salinger - Catcher in The Rye
Written in 1951 (ish), and concerning adolescent angst, alienation, confused identity and rebellion. Consequently we get vulgar language, blasphemy, the undermining of family values and lying. No wonder American conservatives want it banned - even now. I liked it.
P G Wodehouse - Ukridge
Not exactly a novel, but several short stories that follow on from each other. Hilarious in places and the usual wonderful language. And silly names. You get the feeling that Wodehouse is having fun while writing and breaking off now and then for a jolly good chortle.

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