Sunday, 10 February 2013

Michael Gove: What a Silly Arse!

Another half-baked policy of Cameron's half-baked government has collapsed. Michael Gove has had to admit that his EBacc policy was misbegotten. So he's dropped it and he has to eat his words and accept that may be the GCSE isn't as worthless as he said. Here's an extract from Hansard in which he admits to mucking things up:
Michael Gove:  In my time as Education Secretary I have made mistakes. Every Minister makes mistakes. When I made mistakes over Building Schools for the Future, I was happy to come to the House and acknowledge that I had made an error. Where I have made mistakes in other areas, I have been happy to acknowledge that I have made an error, and the very first thing I said today was that I embarked on one reform too far by seeking to move towards single exam boards. I am happy to acknowledge today that that was an error.
Nevertheless, he intends to press ahead with his other bonkers plans, rewriting the curriculum and forcing schools to become academies so that he can privatise education. It will all end in tears.
Something that bothers me in addition to these plans to wreck the state education system, however, is that although Gove has admitted to serious errors he is to continue in the job. Politicians are made to resign when they are caught screwing their secretaries but not when they are admittedly incompetent. This seems a tad perverse.

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