Saturday, 20 October 2012

Staring into Space

I have just spent a couple of hours chilling on the veranda, sipping a dry martini, and watching the Universe. I doesn't seem to be doing a lot, to be honest. Mind you a lot of it is obscured by light pollution from first, the Moon reflecting the Sun and secondly, the artificial light being generated by the various goings on of the Earthlings on the ground below. I dare say if I were to wait a couple of hours till the Moon disappears below the horizon I might be able to spot a lot more but who knows if there is anything to see in any case? However, it is probably reasonable to assume that if it's night time where I am, then it's night time in 50% of the rest of the Universe too and, given that it is statistically likely that there is something out there, there's a good chance that there is some other wally sitting on his veranda elsewhere in the Universe staring into space at me, even if we can't actually see each other. In which case, Hi!

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