Sunday, 21 October 2012

David Cameron: Oh! What a Lovely War!

In another illustration of what a vacuous twit he is, David Cameron who, by some curious fluke or another, is the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, has announced that his government is to spend £50 million on commemorating the First World War. He plans various festivities to mark the commencement of hostilities and the major battles thereafter, with a shindig four years later to mark the Armistice. Along the way, the Government is to facilitate in some way trips for school children to the battle sites and memorials in France and Belgium.
What a plonker. Who in their right mind celebrates the start of a war? Cameron says that it will remind us all of what it means to be British...Well, Mr Cameron, one of the things that being British meant a hundred years ago was the mentality that thought it was a good thing to go to war to establish who had the right to determine everyone else's future and who would control which colonies. It was about militarism, imperialism and nationalism and the outcome, besides the millions of deaths, was bad for everyone (except the profiteers).  
Will Cameron be commemorating the Sykes-Picquot agreement? This was the outcome of a carve up between British and French 'diplomats' of what would happen in the Middle East after the war - i.e. they drew lines on a map and arbitrarily allocated bits of territory to those who had been on their side during the war, meanwhile betraying others who had been promised rewards - hence we have Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan and so forth.  And anyone who has done GCSE History will be aware that the Treaty of Versailles was a total disaster for Europe. And doesn't Cameron know that secondary schools have been organising battlefield trips for years?
Cameron would do well to borrow the DVD of Oh! What a Lovely War which might give him a better perspective on the conflict and how badly it was managed. He should also read some of Wilfred Owen's poetry - Owen was moved to write his poetry when he realised that he and millions of others had been conned by their Governments into fighting industrialised warfare on the spurious basis that they would be 'liberating Belgium'. But Cameron knows all this as he's got 12 'O' Levels and 3 'A' Levels, including history.
Meanwhile, where is he getting the £50 million from?

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