Thursday, 28 June 2012

I Love Jeremy Paxman

Sir Gideon Osborne's latest about-turn, postponing the rise in fuel duty despite previously insisting it was essential, was discussed on BBC2's Newsnight programme alongside a report on Sir Gideon's penchant for changing his mind and generalised inconsistency. At the end of the piece The Blessed Jeremy Paxman interviewed Chloe Smith MP who is apparently the Economic Secretary to the Treasury. It was excrutiatingly embarassing for Smith who was clearly out of her depth as well as simply ignorant. Paxman was on top form, ripping the the wretched woman to shreds. I like the bit where he says to her "Is this some kind of joke?" but I think he is being a bit of a bully when he asks "Are you incompetent?"
Incidentally, Smith studied English Literature at University and worked briefly as a 'management consultant'. Splendid qualifications for the job of Economic Secretary! (Paxman also studied English but then he's a journalist and broadcaster so that kind of follows.)

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