Saturday, 5 May 2012

What a Pong!

It has been necessary to clear out the drains leading from the ground floor flat to the main sewer. We have engaged a Greek Cypriot from Sheffield for this purpose and he's busy rodding as we speak. Unfortunately this has meant removal of all the drain covers with the result that a vicious pong has been enveloping the vicinity, causing one's nose to curl up and die. Yeccch. Think yourselves lucky that Google does not (yet) allow me to cut and paste and/or embed the odour for your delectation!
The drain, not surprisingly, is blocked with various fatty deposits from the lady downstairs' kitchen, although she denies any culpability. Circumstantial evidence, i.e. that she's the only person who has been using the drains for the last six months, would seem to indicate otherwise. Any road up, there goes another €70!

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