Thursday, 3 May 2012

Marinos Konstantinou is a Crook

Older readers may recall the tales of woe recounted here concerning our travails with Marinos the builder. To summarise, he is useless at building, he attempted to swindle us at every turn and, to make matters worse, he is a dangerous psychopath.
Marinos was introduced to us by El Prez's Uncle from whom he has been renting his office/shop premises. Uncle and Marinos have been friends for years and belong to the same social club so everyone thought Marinos would be reliable. But it turns out that after having made our lives a misery, Marinos has done a moonlight flit owing Uncle over €1,000 in rent. Despite many promises to pay up, he never did, so Uncle has had to engage a lawyer and start court proceedings. This has produced a promise to pay €200, via a mutual friend from the social club - from whom Marinos is borrowing the €200. Meanwhile, Uncle has discovered that Marinos has not paid his water bills and Uncle has been lumbered with paying off the debt. That, together with his legal fees, has swallowed up the €200. No doubt Marinos has a trail of other debts around the place that will soon be catching up with him, but it's any body's guess if he's got the money to pay. If he has, it will be hidden away somewhere beyond scrutiny by the authorities.
However, Uncle is extremely aggrieved at this betrayal by someone he thought of as a friend so he isn't giving up and has vowed to pursue the little blighter to the gates of hell.

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