Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Catch 22 Strikes Again

If you want to transfer the ownership of your car in Cyprus, both buyer and seller have to attend the 'Citizens' Office' (if you can find it), queue up and sign the appropriate papers. Eventually, one might hope, this procedure will be possible online or even by post, but that's for αύριο (tomorrow) as the Cypriots might say.
However, there is a little wrinkle. The Regulations are such that only the registered owner of the car may take out insurance on the car but you can only register your ownership of the car if you have insurance. So there is a period in the procedure when time has to stop whilst you simultaneously register your ownership and get insurance. Of course, insurance is not provided by the government authorities who register car ownership but by a private sector supplier, who will be located elsewhere. Thus the telephone and Fax machine come in handy while time stands still so that you can register ownership while you get insurance which you can only get if you are the registered owner for which you have to have insurance before you can register ownership. Neat!

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