Monday, 26 September 2011

Johnny Depp Goes Up In The World

Here we see the erstwhile Cap'n Sparrow pretending to be a rock star and, ermm, jamming with Alice Cooper - who looks a little beyond his 'Best Before' date. Mr Depp, however, seems quite spritely, wearing clothes which purport to make him look like someone not famous but which, in fact, make him look like someone trying not to look like someone famous. At least Mr Alice looks consistently wretched, with or without make up.
Be that as it may, the semi-dynamic duo are performing at the 100 Club on the very stage previously trodden by none other than our Phil with his hotter-than-hot jazz/rock/pop combo Hanzo. Mr Depp is reported to have exclaimed "Wow! Hanzo played here? Jeez! That's so cool! I'm on the same stage as Hanzo! Wow!"
Alice's post-jamming remarks were, sadly, stifled by his oxygen mask.
(See post for 2 March 2010)

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