Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Thanks For All The Fish

Chief Tecchie and Drummage Operator, Our Phil, took members of the Xorg Collective out for a spiffing slap-up feast at our local Loch Fyne restaurant t'other night. Another 'chain' amongst others which are rendering our towns and cities anonymous but none the less providing good food, although not at what you might call bargain prices. Fortunately, El Presidente had a voucher which knocked £20 quids off the bill thereby relieving Phil of some of the pain.
I enjoyed a bowl of lobster bisque with aioli (garlic mayonnaise) and toast. The soup was quite good, although they could have been more generous with the toast. This was followed by a 'Seafood Selection' comprising salmon fillet, sea bass, a very large prawn and roast spuds all resting on some concoction or other. Again, I felt short-changed by the accompaniment but the fish itself was excellent. Items consumed by my colleagues included whitebait, chilli prawns, Goan fish curry, sea bream and lemon sole. Very good overall experience, and the main element - the fish - is spiffing. But several points deducted because they charge you £1.50 extra for bread which is a downright rip off.

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  1. A lovely curry. Smooth flavour with a not unwelcome kick at the end.