Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bang Bang You're Dead

There I was, naively thinking this latest shooting incident in America might make them think more seriously about gun control. Not a bit of it. The Washington Post reports a 60% rise in the sale of handguns in Arizona, 65% in Ohio, 33% in New York etc etc. Mind you, the national average rise is only 5% so presumably there are some places where people aren't quite so paranoid and gun-happy. The Land of The Free; but they all seem to be so scared of each other!
Just think of all those guns swishing about in America - even if they did bring in some controls now, how would the authorities ever manage to collect them all in? I suppose that as Americans are very fond of money the authorities could offer compensation but as a Glock 19 costs $499 that's going to add up to a tidy sum - estimates vary but the Violence Policy Centre quotes a figure of 65 million as the number of handguns in America. Then there's all the other firearms; Uzi machine guns, shotguns, rifles etc.
But what can you expect from a society which stole its country from its indigenous people. Violently. With guns.
Addendum: US gun crime statistics from The Guardian

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