Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Well Done, Sherlock!

You've heard of the Nobel Peace Prize and the Blue Peter Badge. The Oscars, BAFTAs, KCGB, MBE, Medal of Honour and the CDM (Cadbury's Dairy Milk). We here at Xorg Inter-Galactic, however, occasionally make a special award to those amongst us who make a startling contribution to the breadth of human knowledge and experience by pointing out The Bleeding Obvious. Today's lucky recipient of the Well Done, Sherlock! Award is this sorry-looking individual, Sir Philip Hamilton, the Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). He has helpfully pointed out that the directors of RBS failed in their fiduciary duty, leading to the collapse of the bank and consequent bail-out by the taxpayer. No kidding, Sir Phil! Erm, I think we'd spotted that one!
Of course, this comes to us via Wikileaks and not officially, and no action is being taken against the idiots concerned who have happily pocketed their bonuses and left the ship.

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