Thursday, 23 December 2010

Lurgi (cont'd p.194)

Further groans. I've had this cold/flu virus doodad thingy for over two weeks now. It's a persistent little bugger of a virus; initially it's pretty much as you'd expect with the usual symptoms and a couple of days collapsed in bed. But it just won't go away - you start to feel a bit better, then it comes back and hits you again. Yesterday, I thought aha at last I'm getting over it, then this morning here I am half-dead after a coughing and sneezing episode of Biblical proportions.
The virus seems to be working its way around the neighbourhood with varying degrees of severity; conversations yesterday revealed two more victims. There has, however, been a positive side to the experience namely the soothing drink prescribed by my mother-in-law (olive oil, honey, whisky in equal measures whisked together) which quietens the symptoms at bedtime. Replace the whisky with dark rum for a more warming variation.
Ho hum.

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