Sunday, 22 August 2010

Mysteries of The Premier League Part 38: Titus Bramble

Here we are in the second week of the season and there have been a few changes, while some things stay the same. Promotions, demotions, 'early contenders for goal of the season', 'bad defending whatever way you look at it', weird choices for away strip (Everton), und so weiter etc. Chelsea off to a flyer, Arsenal looking promising, Spurs under-achieving. But still there remains The Unexplained Presence of Titus Bramble In A Premier League Team. Someone once said of him, somewhat charitably, "Titus's occasional flash of brilliance is heavily outweighed by the total inability to think before attempting what inevitably turns into a hashed clearance, a mistimed tackle, an own goal or a penalty for the opposition." Very occasional flashes, well, maybe once.
Imagine my surprise to find him lining up for Sunderland. They signed him for an undisclosed fee from Wigan - it is not known in which direction the fee went. Relegation beckons.

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