Saturday, 21 August 2010

Miles Davis

My eldest daughter once said to me, a few years ago, "Good grief, Dad, how many Miles Davis albums can a man have?" She had just bought me 'Sketches of Spain'  on CD as a surprise present only to find that I already had it and when I pointed to the Miles Davis section on the shelf she emitted the above query.
Now, thanks to my esteemed friend Lord Trousers von Crosby-on-Sea, I have added a few more so that the provisional total is now fifty two - I might have missed out some on LP that lurk in the recesses of the cupboard under the stairs, yet to be reacquired in digitalissimo formattageness. When I get round to tidying up we shall see what we shall see. Of course, there are probably a couple of hundred Miles Davis albums out there but some of these will be rejiggled compilations and the like rather than discreet albums as such, m'lud. 
Currently listening to 'Steamin with the Miles Davis Quintet'.

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