Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cyprus Trips!

So we went to Cyprus. 
Weather - hot, like 47 degrees C!
Food - GOOOOOOOOOD - best beef in the world. More on that story later.
Beer - Good

A tip on how to avoid stupid builders - leave the house. 

So we decided to go on a couple of day trips. Road trip to the mountains and a trip to a very pretty beach. The map shows our rough route. Phil enjoyed driving on the mountain roads and Berty, the car, coped surprisingly well. Several rubble warnings were issued.

Day trip one was roughly 370km. Fun.

Things to remember when going on a road trip:
1. Have a up to date map
2. Have CDs that are not scratched 
3. Don't drive automatic car
4. Take the handbrake off.

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