Sunday, 16 May 2010

FA Cup Final, Supplemental: Socks

I adjourned to 'The Country Pub' down the road, near Ayios Lazaros, to watch the Cup Final on their big screen. Via the usual semi-legitimate arrangements that apply in Cyprus, the pub was relaying the ITV coverage which unfortunately includes Andy Townshend, who is an idiot. And Jim Beglin providing commentary - he could teach Professor McDrivel of the Drivel University a few things about drivel. Be that as it may, however, I was caused extreme embarassment by an assembly of middle-aged English men wearing socks with sandals in the pub. Now, I confess I have occasionally been guilty of this offence when the weather has been cold, i.e. in the English winter, although never in public. But it was 33 degrees Celsius yesterday - there's no excuse! And  they had their socks pulled up right up tight. Cringe.

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