Saturday, 15 May 2010

FA Cup Final: And What Do We Need Calcium For, Malcolm?

Scissor artists will be disappointed with this year's FA Cup Final. No winner for 'Daftest Haircut Of The Day' but plenty of contenders for 'Most Boring'. Amidst the embarassment of 'Shaved Heads To Avoid Revealing Baldness'; number ones and number twos (ahem); and chav-like gel overkill (John Terry), the only thing worthy of note was that David James and Malouda had the same hairstyle as did Boateng and Kalou. Blow Dry and Tinting fans will be particularly disappointed with Mr James for opting for what, in his case, was a somewhat conservative choice. We were hoping for another variation on the bleached fuzzy-wuzzy but perhaps he was trying to look sensible for the benefit of Signor Capello.
Special mention, however, for Ray Wilkins who looks more and more like Uncle Fester from The Addams Family every day.

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