Thursday, 29 April 2010

Brave New Drains

The Sewerage Authority did their thing and provided the connection so now the drains men are engaged in re-routing the drains out to the main sewer. These guys seem to know their business apart from not bringing a torch, which you need when you're poking about in the dark one metre below the surface of the earth. So they are using mine. So far so good, but they've now stopped work because they've got another job booked in and they won't be back till Monday. So we are left with holes in the ground and the passageway, covered with bits of chipboard, and temporary pipes here and there. Ho hum.
Re-routing the downstairs flat's drains will involve digging up the whole floor which will inevitably wreck the bathroom furniture and the tiling etc. So there will be further expenditure there...I doubt if Cypriot workers will bother to try and salvage much of the existing stuff. But of course, the drains men don't do the removing of the bathroom stuff, so we have to get the builder's men in on Sunday to do that beforehand. And meanwhile, we have to get the plumber to coordinate with both of them so that he connects up the water supply correctly. Monday should be a laugh!

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