Tuesday, 20 October 2009


So here we are, established in our alternate reality in Cyprus. After a considerable amount of farting about and fiddling, one has established a connection via Cytanet to the interweb tubes at last. It was the usual story; the instructions you are given are incomplete and those that you have do not match the actuality. Good job I'm in laid back mode today or I might have become a tad annoyed at some point. I drank six cups of tea during the process, however. Dunno if that's significant or merely an arbitrary measure of time.

Situation Report: El Presidente is at the supermarket procuring supplies and I'm listening to Tapestry by Carole King via Spotify. Bertie Nissington-Nissington March is in fine fettle and the sun is shining, temperature 32 degrees Celsius. One souvlakia eaten, and two beers consumed.

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