Friday, 19 April 2013

Disaster Strikes Backyard!

When El Prez's mother had this place rebuilt in the early Eighties, the old cess pit in the backyard which had been there since time immemorial was filled in and concreted over. Unfortunately for us, however, the material with which it was filled has since dried out causing subsidence under the concrete and leaving a cavity. The backyard is where we park our estimable Nissan March automobile and it's weight caused the concrete to collapse under the car's rear wheel. So, with some caution, we removed the car and had to engage some local artisans in filling in t'hole and concreting it all over again. As it happens, El Prez's cousin's son-in-law Dimitris is in this line of business so he got the job and, things being a tad slack in the construction biz, the job was started next day. Dimitris brought along Ahmed, a Turkish Cypriot from Famagusta, plus a couple of other hefty lads and it was all done in a flash. 1,350 euros all in!
We were most entertained when the wretched dog from downstairs spotted another dog and raced out yelping at it, only to land in the wet concrete.

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