Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Well Done, Sherlock! - Ministry of Defence

This is one statement of the bleedin' obvious that will go down in history as a classic. It's a shame that it relates to such a tragic and pointless loss of life and massive waste of resources. The Independent reports that the Ministry of Defence has determined that the war in Afghanistan is 'unwinnable'. Well, stripe me pink but I believe a number of us were saying that when Blair and Bush started it. It began as an exercise to root out Al Qaeeda's training camps, developed into removing the Taliban regime and eventually became a campaign to install a western-style democracy. But as enny fule no, it's not that easy to impose a system, that has taken 'The West' several hundred years to develop, on to a tribal  culture based on patronage, overnight. Or even to colonise the place. The Brits have been trying it for over 150 years...the Soviet Union tried and failed to impose a Stalinist regime...and I suspect The Taliban regime would eventually have fallen once the tribal warlords got their act together. So, it's Well Done Sherlock! to the strategic geniuses at the MoD.
You have to laugh or else you cry.

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