Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Drunken Monkey

Stopped off for a bite to eat at The Drunken Monkey in trendy Shoreditch on our way to the Mehliana gig (see below).  This is definitely a place for 'hipsters' and yuppies - music too loud, bad acoustics, and indifferent service. The site of a former pub, and it's very draughty; they've tried to make it a combined cocktail bar and dim sum restaurant. You are warned on the menu that 'it is impossible to cook all of the dishes at the same time so we serve them when they are ready'. Yeah right; I wonder how all the other restaurants manage it? The result was that the food came to us in dribs and drabs and one of us didn't get his grub until the rest of us were half way through. The 'Mongolian Beef Hot Pot and Rice' I had was equally indifferent and somewhat watery, and the spring rolls were about half the size expected. However, the Chilli Salt Fried Squid was excellent and we were served promptly. I would have said it was reasonably priced if the food and service had been a better standard but it wasn't so I won't. Go to a regular Chinese restaurant if the actual food is your priority!

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