Friday, 8 March 2013

John Scofield at Ronnie Scott's

Another works outing last Sunday, to see John Scofield's Organic Trio at Ronnie Scott's. Fantastic!
The line up was Mr Scofield on guitar, Larry Goldings on Hammond B3 organ and Greg Hutchinson on drums. In a departure from his usual practise, Mr Scofield was playing a Fender Telecaster whereas he is generally associated with the Ibanez AS200 semi-solid. Through a Vox AC30, with an assortment of FX pedals (see website).
I don't think I've ever seen a guitarist pull as many and such a variety of facial expressions as Scofield did while playing. It's as if he really is connected to the instrument - the feel and energy generated is marvellous. Scofield has been around for ages now and has played all sorts of jazz and fusion and he has a distinctive and immediately recognisable style - there's no one like him. So although this was a straightforward trio set up, the set list ranged far and wide from Joe Henderson songs to Carla Bley via Ray Charles and Billy Cobham. For an idea of what it sounded like, buy the album 'Saudades' by Trio Beyond which features Scofield and Goldings, but with Jack de Johnette on drums.

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