Sunday, 4 November 2012

Wet, Wet, Wet

Today members of the Xorg collective staged a trip to the Troodos Mountains. It all started well as the three excited walkers ascended the Caledonian Falls in bright sunshine, but Mother Nature had other thoughts for their descent.
All it took was one spot of rain, and then in quick succession the rain drops gathered pace and the three young walkers became stuck in a rain/hail/thunder/lightning storm. But this was not your average storm; this one included ‘ice-pellet’ hail stones, and freezing cold rain.  There was so much rain; our once dry walkers became wet to their skin, their clothes providing no protection from the elements. Visibility was poor, the path became a river, and rocks splattered the path.
Shelter. Well there wasn’t a lot of that. Trees so sparse, their branches were poor umbrellas. Soon, our intrepid explorers, aged 28, 27 and 1, found a small cleft in the rock-face in which to find solace. However, this provided limited cover as another family was already there hiding from the elements.
Eventually, after an age of ‘ice-pellets’ and torrential rain, our soaking adventurers decided to make a dash for it and head to safety. This was easier said than done. Fortunately the path was heading in the right direction, but now the path was a river, flippers were needed not the canvas shoes worn by our naive protagonists.
The rain eased as they approached their car, but only the youngest member of the group had a change of clothes for the long journey home. So she, the 1 year old adventurer, sat happily, warm in her clean clothes as her parents sat in their pants on their journey towards warmth.

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