Monday, 29 October 2012

Deep-Fried Crunchy Crabs

Lunch out to day for El Prez and myself, plus honoured guests, at the Atlantida restaurant in Paphos. Their unique selling point is that they have their own fishing boats that catch fish locally so you can be sure it's fresh - well, apart from the prawns, mussells and fish sticks and crab meat in breadcrumbs, that is. The fish meze is a tad expensive at €24 but we went for it anyway, sharing three servings between four of us. Plenty of grub to go round and the fish was jolly good, fresh as advertised. In amongst the offerings was something I'd not had before: deep fried little crabs. 
Mmmm, crunchy!
[The draft Keo was excellent too, served very cold.]

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