Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Police: Live!

I was proceeding in an easterly direction along the seafront promenade with my colleague El Presidente  when I accounted a group of males and females in quasi-military uniform in Kimon Square preparing for some kind of exhibition or protest. We located a bench nearby from where we could observe the proceedings. The accused were led by a middle-aged Caucasian of average height and build, who communicated to his followers via a series of hand signals which, I regret to inform the Court, I could not decipher. It soon became apparent that we were witnessing an arresting performance of various light classics and popular tunes by The Larnaca Municipal Police Band.
There were good cops and there were bad cops but no Laughing Policeman. The drummer, however, sported a lascivious grin and a few of the female members were seen to giggle from time to time. None of the accused attempted to disguise their appearance and, indeed, bore identification markings. Fortunately, I had about my person my trusty hand-held imaging device and I was able to record events as they unfolded. As a matter of courtesy I will not ask the court to view the band's rendition of a medley of Michael Jackson and Madonna 'hits' from the Eighties. Instead, I offer as evidence of this heinous crime, this short film of their enunciation of 'Copacabana' co-composed by the estimable hooter on legs, Barry Manilow.
It's a dirty job, m'Lud, but someone's got to do it.

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